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The Hall of the Gathering Dragons trains within a traditional system of Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Internal Healing Arts.

This martial health system is known as Chung Kuo Ch'uan, meaning Chinese Fist.​ We offer a wide variety of External Arts training such as Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung fu including the 12 Animal style, Chinese Kenpo, Mei Jung Chuan, spring legs, and Shuai Chiao which is China's oldest style, to name a few.

In the Internal Arts we offer Tai Chi Ch'uan, Ba Kua, Hsing-I, Chi Gong, advances tai chi and meditation.

Unlike most commercial schools, we are a traditional martial arts school, affiliated with China's Shao-lin Temple, the birth place of Shaolin Kung Fu. Our highly-qualified instructors lead under head instructor Master Phil Sant, carrying over 40 years of knowledge. He has performed workshops, lectures and demonstrations worldwide.

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