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A Traditional School


Kung Fu; it has been said that one may study for three lifetimes without exhausting the knowledge within the system. Developed and tempered through a long history dating back to 520 AD at a Buddhist  temple located in an area called the "Small Forest", one of many temples located in China. It wasn't until a visit from a monk named Ta Mo and his wanting to introduce a new type of meditation called Chan meditation.

So the story is said that after not being accepted by the head Abbott of the Temple, Ta Mo went and sat in meditation in a nearby cave for 9 years. The monks at the temple were humbled by his dedication and accepted his technique. This date, 520 AD was to give credit to Ta Mo a monk from India, whose meditation techniques were so physically demanding he introduced martial arts (exercises) to stimulate the monks physically to help their endurance. In its original state the exercises resembled nothing of what we consider martial arts. But it was still considered by many the unison of the body, mind, spirit, and the creation of what we now know as Shao-lin Kung Fu.


Shao-lin Kung Fu perfected in this now famous temple in the Hunan Province in China dating back over 2,000 years. It is the most superior fighting system known to man. Shao-lin Kung Fu is known for some of the most beautiful and intricate, as well as deadly techniques in todays martial arts world.


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